1. Theoretical driving course
The theory driving course is split into three phases. The first is an introduction to car component and control. Second is traffic signs and law. The third phase is the Hazard Perception and hazard identification.

3. In-Car Lessons
We are committed to teaching each Student how to be a safe, defensive driver for the rest of his/her life. Our focus is on teaching students precision vehicle control in a wide variety of environments and survival techniques including hazard recognition and safety threat awareness. All of our behind the wheel driving lessons are done in modern dual-control cars equipped with instructor and eye-check mirrors.

4. Driving test
During all of our behind-the-wheel training packages, On Road Driving School instructors teach students all of the necessary skills needed to pass the official exam.

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2. Driving  Simulators
We delete the tension and bring out the fun
Driving simulators provide a safe, effective way to train driving skills. As an educational tool, simulators have proven to be far more effective than traditional classroom instruction in terms of helping students retain knowledge.
For those who need a little help with the basics, our simulator can help you master safe driving techniques including lane position, speed management and steering. Simulators help drivers develop the “do”, not just the “know” when facing a dangerous situation on the road. What drivers do is more important than what they know. Simulators help build brain muscle memory, which makes safe driving seem instinctive in experienced drivers.